Professional Xceleration for Employers and/or Employee Groups

Career Pathing

Looking for ways to retain your best employees
and develop a more engaged, motivated workforce?

Professional Xceleration helps your employees refine their career expectations and better align their goals with those of your company. Research shows that the right fit is of paramount importance in creating and maintaining a positive, productive workplace culture, giving you an edge in today’s competitive market.

Delivery of this Program can be customized to meet the needs of your Company. Please note each workshop is approximately 4 hours in duration with pricing starting as low as $55.00/participant (minimum group of 10 participants). Select your choices from the list below, or ask us to develop a training plan specific to your requirements:

Professional Xceleration
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  • Personality Dimensions®  
    Personality Dimensions® can be used for many purposes including but not limited to, how to coach/counsel your employees to success, training your sales staff to identify strategies to engage customers with different personality temperaments and learning triggers to motivate your staff. Our qualified Personality Dimensions® and MBTI Career Life Skills Trainers are able to customize the training to your needs.
  • Career Dimensions Assessment  
    In this session the Career Dimensions Assessment will be used to assist Participants to look at 9 key areas of their work and work environment. By the end of this session Participants will begin to identify their “perfect” work environment.
  • Skills Assessment  
    Having a good understanding of one’s skills and abilities can assist with building your career. By the end of the workshop, Participants will have an inventory of skills and abilities, the best application for same and the identification of areas for development.
  • Work Environment Mind Mapping Decision Making  
    Using a decision making method and process called Mind Mapping, Participants will narrow down their options and create a picture of their perfect work environment, project steps, team building options, etc.
  • Labour Market Information  
    In this workshop Participants will gain insight into labour market information, useful for people wanting to research and understand the labour market situation and trends for their current career.
  • Goal Setting  
    To set a career path and achieving personal success, the setting of realistic, achievable goals is a necessity. This session will teach Participants to make S.M.A.R.T. attainable goals and learn strategies to ensure success.
  • Action Planning/Identification of Roadblocks/Strategies for Overcoming Barriers  
    Mind set often restricts individuals from making that step forward and achieving success. Our talented and knowledgeable facilitators will develop customized training that will help your staff members identify key issues holding them back and set creative strategies in place to get beyond personal and external barriers so that they may achieve their goals.
  • Emotional Intelligence  
    Participants will better understand how Emotional Intelligence affects career success and success in general in this customizable workshop.
  • Maintaining Employment  
    For some individuals maintaining employment is a constant struggle. Using a variety of methods and tools these workshops can be customized to the needs of the Employer or Participants to address issues such as conflict management, healthy work habits, getting ahead in the workplace, managing outside influences and much more.
  • Retaining Staff, Succession Planning and Career Building in an Organization  
    Statistics suggest that with the aging Baby Boomers fast approaching retirement a skills shortage looms for Canada. Our expert staff can help your organization plan and prepare for this inevitable outcome. Through workshops and coaching we can assist your organization to retain staff by identifying individual motivations, strengths, leadership capabilities and more.
  • Finding Success in Multi Cultural & Multi Ethnic Workplaces  
    This workshop is designed to address workplace issues and provide solutions for employers who have a multi-cultural and multi-ethnic workforce.

Providing this Program to your employees will also reinforce essential social skills (i.e. cooperation, team building and conflict resolution) and develop key workplace competencies in a dynamic learning environment. As well as Career Building, elements of this Program can be adapted for Employee Retention and Succession Planning.

This Program is mobile and is easily delivered on-site at:

  • Your Company
  • A community location selected by you
  • Job Skills' Head Office (Newmarket)

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