Coaching for Xcellence

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Coaching for Xcellence

Higher performing leaders and employees?
Increased productivity?

Coaching for Xcellence may be that 'Xtraordinary'
training opportunity your business is seeking!


This one-of-a-kind training opportunity, developed by Job Skills, offers a unique approach to coaching as it embeds sports coaching theories and practical demonstrations within a business or corporate setting.

Traditionally, staff coaching is done after the fact, behind closed doors, in a formalized session. Coaching for Xcellence utilizes action-based "little and often" coaching to bring supervision front and centre, focusing on facilitating guided staff development in real time.

Supervisors will gain new insight into methods needed to change employee's behaviour, by focusing on the proven theory of guided improvement through self-discovery as a way of enhancing an individual's performance.

Participants will also learn the difference between a fixed and growth mindset, and how a growth mindset helps individuals develop and become more productive at their jobs.

Contact DevelopU to find out how you can book this 'X'traordinary training for your company! Sessions can be customized to meet your needs.

“The Coaching for Xcellence program delivered what it promised - Effective and relevant learning opportunities for our employees. In-class theory delivered in the morning was reinforced by a high energy practical afternoon. I would highly recommend this program to any organization looking for business coaching training that is just a little bit different.”

Suzanne Makins
Mgr, Training and Development, Certified Executive Coach
The Beer Store

Here is what some of the participants were saying:

Fixed vs Growth will be on my mind now. Will focus on growth from now on

The afternoon activity session tied the coaching session together

Coaching in the Afternoon

The entire workshop was fantastic. It put it into reality

They tied all the concepts together in a very realistic way. This made it more than just theory.

Coaching in the Afternoon

Very effective. The facilitator was very knowledgeable.

The Beer Store Managers who attended the Coaching for Xcellence Worksho9p