Career Xploration for Clients/Client Groups of Social Service Providers

Career Xploration

Career Xploration will help your Clients refine their career expectations and better align their employment goals. The Program is intended to supplement your existing service provision, reinforce basic social skills (i.e. cooperation, team building and conflict resolution) and develop key workplace competencies in a safe and dynamic learning environment.

Delivery of this Program can be customized to meet the needs of your Clients and/or Client Groups. Please note each workshop is approximately 4 hours in duration with pricing starting as low as $35.00/participant (minimum group of 10 participants). Select your choices from the list below, or ask us to develop a training plan specific to your requirements:

Career Xploration
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  • Introduction to Career Xploration  
    Career changing can be scary and exciting all at the same time! This workshop discusses and will demystify the career exploration process and identify the tools needed to make a clear career decision.
  • Personality Dimensions  
    With this workshop Participants will be take their first step to a clear career goal! Using Personality Dimensions®, Participants will gain insight into how personality matches with good career choices.
  • Career Dimensions  
    In this session, the Career Dimensions Assessment will enable Participants to look at nine key areas of work. By the end of this session, Participants will begin to identify their “perfect” work environment.
  • Values Exercise & Skills Assessment  
    Understanding your personality and values are the foundation of good career exploration. By the end of this workshop participants will have thorough understanding of their perfect work environment including key work values, wants, must have’s and work stressors. With this knowledge you will be well on your way to finding the “perfect job”.

    Having a good understanding of your skills and abilities can assist you with Career Exploration, writing your resume and interview preparation. By the end of the workshop you will have an inventory of your skills and abilities, which ones you want to use and where you would like to develop.
  • Strong Interest Inventory (S.I.I.)  
    The S.I.I. has been a widely used assessment tool for over 80 years. The S.I.I. endeavors to stay current and relevant with its most recent update being conducted in 2012. After completing an on-line assessment Participants will receive a 12+ page colour printout of occupational interests broken down from general themes to individual occupations. Interpretation of the assessment can be delivered in a one-on-one or group format.
  • Labour Market Information & Hidden Job Market 
    In this workshop Participants will gain insight into labour market information. Learn tools, tips and research techniques that to help chose the best career option!

    Accessing the Hidden Job Market leads to an active job search with a greater chance of success. In this workshop Participants will learn key strategies and discover ways to find and apply for the 80% of jobs that are not advertised.
  • Exploring Work Interests, Goal Setting and Action Planning/Identification of Roadblocks/Strategies for Overcoming Barriers  
    Introduction to a variety of tools to explore personal career interest. By the end of this workshop Participants will have two to four good career options to research and explore.

    Whether it is a career change, setting a career path or for achieving personal success, setting realistic achievable goals is a necessity. This session will teach Participants to make S.M.A.R.T. attainable goals and learn strategies to ensure success.

    Mind set often restricts individuals from making that step forward and achieving success. Our talented and knowledgeable facilitators will develop customized training that will help your clients identify key issues holding them back and set creative strategies in place to get beyond personal and external barriers so that they may achieve their goals.
  • Resume Clinic I  
    Participants will learn how to highlight skills and accomplishments effectively to employers. Functional, Chronological and Combination Resumes will be discussed.
  • Resume Clinic II  & Cover Letters
    The Resume Clinic provides a hands-on opportunity using a portable computer lab. Participants receive real time feedback from a qualified facilitator when constructing their resumes.

    A cover letter allows a job seeker to highlight the key points of a resume and add details to stand apart from other candidates. This workshop will provide a step-by-step guide to writing effective cover letters as well as some hands-on practice and feedback.
  • Interviewing Skills/Mock Interviews  
    Participants will learn the secrets of making a great first impression, how to sell skills to employers, and develop effective ways to answer the most frequently asked interview questions. Ample time will be devoted to practicing interview techniques. There is also the additional option of having one on one mock Interviews where Participants will receive real-time constructive feedback. Participants will be treated as if they were in a real interview being scored on everything from being appropriately dressed to behaviors and mannerisms.
  • Job Retention  
    For some individuals maintaining employment is a constant struggle. Using a variety of methods and tools these workshops can be customized to the needs of the Participants to address issues such as conflict management, healthy habits to keep your job, managing outside influences and much more. Additional life skills areas include budgeting, financial literacy, communications and getting ahead in the workplace.
  • Social Networking for Job Search  
    Tough economic times call for innovative approaches to job search - a great option is Social Networking. Social Networking sites include LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and MySpace. In this workshop we will cover the following:
    • Maximize the benefits of using Social Networking as part of job searching;
    • What not to do when using Social Media;
    • Learn how to create a LinkedIn profile and connect to companies.
  • Workshops for the Mature Job Seeker  
    We can’t change our age, but we can change assumptions that are made about us “over 40 job searchers”. It just requires some preparation. Join us for this NEW informative workshop to gain some strategic methods to help triumph over negative age-related stereotypes!
  • Uncovering Legitimate Work from Home Opportunities in Canada  
    Does your life circumstance keep you from working outside of the home?  Have you ever thought of working from home but wondered if some of those opportunities you have heard about are real?  Well then you won’t want to miss our new workshop “Uncovering Legitimate Work from Home Opportunities in Canada”.

    You may have heard about various different work from home promotions including:

    • Transcription Services;
    • Translation Services;
    • Mystery Shoppers;
    • Home Call Centre Agents;
    • Online Surveys;
    • Gaming;
    • and many more!

    But are they legitimate or a scam?  Our workshop will teach you how to complete your own research and how to investigate, and finally to validate, true work from home opportunities.

This Program is mobile and is easily delivered on-site at:

  • Your Agency
  • A community location selected by you
  • Job Skills' Head Office (Newmarket)

Career exploration

"Inn From The Cold runs a twelve week, comprehensive Employment Program. Job Skills [DevelopU]has been facilitating the Life Skills class as part of the program and the impact on the clients has been positive. The working relationship between Job Skills and Inn From The Cold has been outstanding. Job Skills is a very professional organization that openly shares information, ideas, and always takes the extra step to ensure client’s success is always first. Job Skills has gone above and beyond our expectations and I personally thank them for all they have contributed to the IFTC Employment Program"

Ray Rauth, Employment Program Manager

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